Yes YOU Can!

In dog training it is hard to always train your dog by using a simple treat. As behaviors get more and more complex, we have to find alternative ways of communicating with our dogs.That is why I use Marker Training….(insert long and boring scientific definitions here). When we try to capture behaviors, it is important that our timing is correct. Timing is everything. The magic word that I train with all dogs is the word “yes”. In my dog’s mind, yes = reward. A reward can be as simple as a pet on the head all the way up to a piece of chicken. By using the magic word "yes", I can start to capture positive behaviors all over the place. My dog sits down randomly, “yes”, and a piece of dog food. My dog goes and lays down, “yes” and I give them a bone to chew on. By capturing good behaviors and rewarding good behaviors, those behaviors are more likely to occur.

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