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Leash Powers Activate!!

Why do we use leashes? Most people say they are used for walking their dogs. FALSE! A leash is comparable to a builder's hammer and nails. Without a leash, your ability to teach necessary behaviors becomes entirely too difficult.

Take this example. A guest comes over to my house and I am worried about my dog jumping all over them. What do I do? I put a leash and collar on my dog, step on the leash, ask the guest to wait until Fluffykins calms down, and then I let Fluffykins sniff the guest.

What about if my dog snags my favorite pair of Jordans? I start out by letting them drag a leash around the house. Instead of playing catch me if you can, I simply step on the leash. I then pull them from out of their hiding spot and exchange the shoes with a treat.

For my final example, let's say my dog is outside and I am worried about them not coming when called? What do I do then? SPOILER ALERT! I let them drag a super long leash around the yard. When I want their attention, I reel them in like a fish. Long story short, a leash is not only a tool for walking, it serves multiple purposes for training your dog.

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