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What is the difference between Dog Ranch Resort and Dog Ranch Too?

Dog Ranch Resort - Daphne: is our flagship location at 8449 County Road 64, Daphne AL 36526. This location serves all of our Group play activities for Dog Grooming, Daycare and Boarding. Each Dog must pass our 5 Star Requirement process in order to play. We provide Full Grooming services. For more information on Dog Ranch Resort, click below.


Dog Ranch Too - Fairhope: is our newest location at  23736 US-98, Fairthope AL 36532.  This location offers Dog Boarding and Training.  Boarding services offered at Dog Ranch Too are for dogs that do not meet the 5 Star requirement process at Dog Ranch Resort.  There is no Group play. This location caters to single dogs and dog family boarders.  Our staff provides one on one interaction with each dog. Our Training services are provided in our 2,000 sq.ft. training room. For more information on Dog Ranch Too, click below. 

When is the best time to socialize my dog?


Each dog has his or her own style of play that is learned from an early age. When puppies first interact with one another they get their first taste of play from their mother, brothers and sisters.  Dog-to-Dog socialization is best taught from puppy hood all the way through adolescence to adulthood. The earlier your puppy socializes the better they will be when they are older. Once your puppy has had their third round of shots they may begin to socialize at the Dog Ranch Resort.


What will my dog be doing all day at Dog Ranch Resort?


It is very important to us that your dog is on a very structured schedule. Due to inclement weather & extreme heat, we may change our daily routine at our discretion. Below is our daily routine at Dog Ranch Resort:


6:00AM– 6:15AM – All dogs are let out to use the bathroom.

6:15AM - 7:00AM – All boarders eat breakfast in their Kennels.

7:00AM – 9:00AM – This is our first drop off/pick up time. Supervised, all dogs will play inside/outside.

9:00AM – 11:30AM – All dogs go out side and play in one of our three yards.

11:30AM – 1:30PM – All dogs go up for a 2 hour nap. During this time each dog gets 10-15 minutes of basic obedience one-on-one training. Training is positive reinforcement based, and may vary by dog.

1:30PM – 4:00PM – All dogs go back outside.

4:00PM – 6:00PM – This is our evening drop off/pick up time.  

At 5:00PM all of our boarding dogs go into their kennels for dinner.

6:00PM Dog Ranch Resort closes to the public.

6:00PM to 7:30PM – All boarding dogs go outside one last time before returning to their kennel to sleep.








Why can’t my dog just learn to socialize at the dog park?


Imagine sending your child to the playground. You have all sorts of people there: families, adults, big kids, little kids, and more all gathered together. One kid with a cold is coughing and sneezing, another kid is being a bully and will not share the slide, and yet another kid loves to play and makes contact with everyone. With all of these mixed personalities showing up at any given time it is easy to see how your child could potentially have a bad experience or even become ill. The same is true for dogs visiting the dog park.


For many of us our dogs are like our children.  We feel better knowing that they are in a safe, positive environment. The dog park might seem like a great place for dogs to play and socialize, but the chances of having an unexpected accident or contracting diseases are significantly higher.  At Dog Ranch temperament tests and proof of current vaccinations are required.  It takes just one sick dog to infect a whole pack at the dog park.  A professionally supervised environment that makes you consciously think about where your dog has been in the past, who they have played with, when their last vet visit was, and how you personally have raised your dog is a significantly safer place for you dog.


Free roaming Doggy Daycare and Boarding is the best way for your dog to burn off excess energy, digest and eliminate, and socialize in a controlled environment. Owners are responsible for determining how social their dog is, and be aware of the general health of their dog.  Free Roaming Doggy Daycare allows you to feel comfortable that your pet is being supervised and cared for by trained professionals. Our Ranch Hands are experienced at dog care, supervision, and training.  They understand dogs’ needs. Our Ranch Hands are trained and have extensive knowledge regarding dog behavior and canine body language. As the Alpha of the pack, they confidently control your pet’s environment and their socialization.









Why do you crate our dogs?


There are several reasons why we crate your dog. Some dogs have such high drive that given the opportunity to go all day and night, they would. We believe in structure for your pets. It helps dogs ease into an environment if they have some predictability and routine to their day. Most people function better with rules and structure, and the same goes for our pets. While dogs may be social creatures they do enjoy some individual alone time to decompress from the days activities. Think about a really hard work out you have just completed followed by a long workday. The one thing most people want to do after a long day is to go home to relax and rest for the next day. Dogs are the same way. The crate is a temporary break from the busy day.


Will my pet get enough sleep?


The average dog needs to sleep 12 – 14 hours a day, longer than the average human 7 – 9 hours. This is because dogs only spend about 8 to 12 percent of their sleep time in REM sleep (Deep Sleep). Since dogs don’t sleep a deeply as humans do they compensate by needing more hours of sleep through the day. While boarding your pet will spend a minimum of 12 hours sleeping per 24 hours.


What will my dog be like when they get home?


The bottom line…they will be tired and most likely thirsty!  Most pets are not used to the amount of activity available to them when they come to visit us at the Dog Ranch Resort.  Since we are here to focus on meeting your pets’ needs mentally and physically, they will be more active than they are at home.  However, do not worry they will quickly regain their energy and resume their joyful existence.


How do dogs play?


Every dog has a different play style. Some dogs like to wrestle, some like to chase a ball, and other like to be chased. When dogs play they use a lot of mouthing and pawing at one another.  Our Ranch Hands are highly trained in recognizing different dog play styles.  We want everyone to having a good time.  We supervise similar temperament dog groups.  We will not force your dog to do anything they don’t want to do unless it is in the their best interest.  Some dogs may have scratches or small cuts or even new environment stress related illnesses.  Just like children at school, accidents do happen.  If we have  any concerns, we will notify you immediately and follow Dog Ranch Resort dog care protocol.

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