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Expert and gentle pet grooming is available by appointment 7 days a week at Dog Ranch Resort, Daphne, AL.   New clients, please register prior to arrival with up to date vaccines.  All dogs must be dropped off in the morning between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM.  If you require special accommodations please notify us when you schedule your appointment.  You may receive a call once our groomer is finished with your pooch.  Please call to make an appointment. 251-929-4899

















Grooming Add On's:


Nail Trim.........$10.00

Nail Grind...... $15.00

Ear Clean...... $  5.00

Teeth Clean...$10.00

Nail Polish......$10.00


Spa and Play*......... $15.00 *daycare drop off & play prior to groom - in addition to our Grooming prices

Dematting**...........  $5.00+  **Dematting fees - in addition to our grooming prices.



Common Grooming Questions


How long does it usually take?


If the hair needs to be cut, we ask that you allow four hours so that we may wash, dry and cut the hair. If the hair is matted it may take more time. If there is no hand scissoring, it generally takes less time. If you need your dog groomed “in and out,” we may suggest you come at a specific time (usually the first thing in the morning). There may be an additional charge for this service. If desired, we can call you as the groomer is finishing - that way you can come to pick up your dog right away.


How much does it cost?


Grooming Prices at Dog Ranch Resort are summarized above. The cost depends on your dogs weight, the breed, physical condition, and individual temperament. The prices above do not include dematting (knotting).  Please call for additional options and pricing.  


Do you bathe the dog first?


In order to get an even hair cut, the hair needs to be clean so we always bathe the dog as part of grooming. Depending on your dog’s breed and style, the groomer may do a “rough cut.”

After the rough cut, your dog is washed, fluff dried and then the haircut is completed. In other cases, we may wash and dry the dog completely before starting the haircut.


What products do you use?


We use top quality shampoos and conditioners. Most dogs are washed using a hypoallergenic shampoo but we can vary the shampoo for regular customers depending on your needs.  After the dog is washed and rinsed, we may use a conditioner as well. We can apply veterinary products paying strict attention to the instructions. Feel free to bring your favorite shampoo or other products and discuss product choice with your groomer.


My dog's hair is knotted or matted. Do I need to cut the hair short?


If the hair is allowed to knot or "mat", it makes grooming more difficult and time-consuming for your dog and the groomer.  Matting tightens when the coat gets wet.  Therefore we try to brush out all of the matting before we wash your dog.  If the hair can be dematted without causing pain to the dog, it may be possible to save the coat.  This may require frequent rest periods in order to be accomplished successfully.  Otherwise, we may recommend cutting the hair short, which means applying the clipper behind the mat.  In some cases, dematting may reveal skin irritation that is better treated by your veterinarian.  If the hair is matted, we recommend meeting with one of our groomers beforehand so that you may better understand your options.  Dematting at Dog Ranch may result in extra charges. Weekly brush-outs can avoid a matting problem and save a beautiful coat, saving you money in the long run.  


Do I get the same groomer each time?


Some clients prefer to keep the same groomer. If your dog is nervous and/or you have very specific requests, we find that coming back to the same groomer works best because it fosters a relationship between the client, groomer, and dog.


May I stay with my dog and watch?


If your dog can see you it usually leads to the dog trying to get to you, and may result in a dangerous situation. The groomer is working with sharp tools and looks to avoid additional stress and excitement.  If you need to watch the entire time, you should consider the option of home grooming.


May I bring in a picture?


Sure. The groomer will discuss your options and try to achieve the same result.


Do you cut the nails?


Yes, we are able to cut the nails on most dogs. If not, we will discuss it with you.  Long or neglected nails can lead to several issues including joint problems and broken or split nails. Inside the nail is a blood vessel (the "quick").  If the nail is allowed to grow long, then cutting the nail even slightly may result in bleeding.  If the nails are black, the risk of bleeding increases.  It is also helpful to avoid walking on the sidewalk immediately after the nail trim.  With some dogs, this may need to be done at the veterinarian.  Regular nail trimming can minimize the chance of bleeding.  However, if we groom your dog and find that the nails are long, the groomer may recommend you come back in between grooms for nail trimming.  

How is my dog dried?


Usually, dogs are dried with a combination of four different methods.  While in the tub we may towel dry the dog and/or use a high-velocity dryer that blows off the majority of the water.  Then we use a dryer fan adjacent to a crate that the dog can sit, lay, and turn around in that circulates air all around them.  The groomer may finish up with a stand dryer while your dog is on the grooming table. During all of these drying phases, your dog is being supervised. All of these drying methods are considered safe and have been in use for many years by grooming salons, veterinarians, and kennels.


What if I don‘t like the groom when its finished?


Please tell us. We aim to please. On the occasion where a haircut is not to your liking and it is a matter of a little more trimming here or there, the groomer can usually do it right away. In some instances, we may ask you to come again on another day, in which case we can start again. If there are two or more people deciding on the desired groom, it is important that they first agree on a style before giving the groomer instructions.