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Look into my eyes...

Does your dog seem like they never pay attention to you? If your dog sees a squirrel do you wrap the leash tightly around your hands and hold on for dear life? If so then I have a wonderful trick for you! What is it that makes your dog not pay attention to you? Simply put, you don't practice asking for their attention enough. The power of focus is an amazing skill to teach every dog. If your dog paid the same attention to you as they do to that pesky squirrel, you would never have to worry about being dragged down the street again!

The way I teach a dog to pay attention to me is simple. I entice my dog's nose with a treat and I bring the treat straight to my eyes. When they stare at me for 2 seconds I reward them with that treat. I repeat this exercise until I get my dog to stare me in the eyes for 1 minute. From there I start to require all of my dog's obedience to be done while staring me in the eyes. I'm a very selfish person. I want all my dogs' attention wherever we go. For a dog that is typically reactive on a leash during a walk this is the best practice. If my dog is so focused on me they cannot focus on that pesky squirrel. Your neighborhood squirrels will personally thank you for all that you have done.

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